onsdag den 14. juli 2010

Test #1: Christina Maria - Travel Back in time

Christina Maria is nothing less than amazing. She is a pure force of nature and a highly skilled performer, and one of my most cherished friends. I met her at an Open Stage at the Schokoladen Open Mic session (Ackerstrasse 169, Berlin) in the dawn of 2010. I just remember that for once there was horrendous sound at the session - but even with a poor mix in the speakers that night she somehow managed to pull it off... I've seen her play more times than I can count, but somehow It never becomes boring. She adds a renewed energy to her performance every time she's on stage.

Christina Maria's site
Her new album "Straight Line"

We shot this video beginning of March 2010 in Christina's Room in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

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