onsdag den 14. juli 2010

Test #2; Benjamin Aggerbæk - Be Together, Apart

I know Benjamin from when I was a regular on the singer/songwriter circuit in Copenhagen a few years back. He is an amazing jazz-crooner and one of the sweetest guys I know - and the absolute King of the Copenhagen s/s-scene. On top of teaching vocal techniques and songwriting he is also the host of several open stages throughout the city. At the moment he is traveling back and forth to New York where he is performing at a regular basis - So if you're situated in the Big Apple or Cph - go spoil yourself with a listen!

Benjamin Aggerbæk Myspace
His new album "My, Oh my"

The video is shot at "Huset ved Kongens Have" in Copenhagen. Unfortunately a few of the shots are suffering a little bit from low lighting conditions, my fault entirely, but mind you that this series is meant as an exercise for me. Luckily Benjamin completely saves the clip with his rock steady velvet performance.

Ladies and gentlemen: Benjamin Aggerbæk, "Be Together, Apart"...

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