tirsdag den 2. november 2010

Test #3: Il Tempo Gigante - Woven Wings

Il Tempo Gigante - Woven Wings from Christen Bach on Vimeo.

Rolf is one of the most amazing musicians I know, and it doesn't matter if he's alone on stage or together with his full 10 - 15 person setup. He never seizes to amaze me. A part from being one of the sweetest persons I know, he excels in his musical expression and he lives every tone of the music he delivers.

This video is shot in his rehearsal room in Copenhagen a late afternoon a few months back. As with the other videos we shot both picture & sound live on the spot, unfortunately we couldn't get the output from the mixer so the sound on the video is the room recorded with my little Zoom H2N. So I apologize that the mix and levels aren't 100% on the sound - But it adds to the live presence of the clip and thanks to the grandeur of Il Tempo Gigante, I think it catches every bit of nerve in the performance.

The song is the opening tune from his latest album, "Lost something good". If you like the music on this video I cannot emphasize enough how amazing the studio version is. It is one of my favorite albums of 2010 - so go peak a listen and enrich your music collection. It is worth every penny:

And of course the Myspace:

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