søndag den 11. marts 2012

Test #4; Vera - Silk

We shot this video at Wünsdorf in the middle of December. It is a beautiful old army base about an hours drive south of Berlin build during the "Kaiserzeit" in 1910. It was used during the Weimar-years by the Nazis (they trained there with the Swedes for the 1936 olympics) and later it was taken over and used by the Russians during the cold war. ln 1992 after the wall fell (in 1989) it was abandonned, and has just been decomposing ever since. It is super sad. It is a really beautiful place. Unfortunately the electricity was out in most of the complex so we couldnt set lights - so my homebuild camera was too light sensitive to shoot in most of the rooms. But go see a gallery of the place here - WHOA!

This video is the first one of the batch where we prerecorded the track. Vera needed it to raise a bit of money for further recordings, so it was important to present the mix and the production (made by my good friend Raphael Tschernuth). I still think it fits perfectly into the mix, and she definitely deserves to keep going with this. As I mentioned earlier we shot mid-December and I have to give props to Vera for spending all day sitting on a cold concrete floor in a thin silk dress in minus degrees. Shes a champ...

Go check her project here! It is not a request - it is an order!

Vera is Quebecoise and I had a blast with her and Colombe Raby (also Quebecoise) who joined us on set. She is an amazing setdesigner and artdirector and a heck of a whirlwind of a girl. I really hope I get the opportunity to work with her at some point again (if shes not too busy with her blooming Hollywood career).  I used to live in Quebec a few years back and do not have the opportunity to speak the language often - so it was an added bonus to spend some time with the girls.

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